Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our workers. At Mark One, we believe that the best way to accomplish our safety goals is to make safety an integral part of the way we do business.


Therefore, we have our own in-house safety officer who is OSHA trained, and who has the ability to train our staff in all cutting-edge OSHA practices. All employees – both field and office staff  -- are trained in the OSHA 10 program.


Our Mark One safety officer visits each job site frequently,  reviews all practices, and reports back to the main office, the project manager, and the job superintendent. If there are any violations found, they are addressed quickly to keep our worksites safe. This practice keeps safety top-of-mind for management as well as employees in the field.


Due to the safety practices we have in place, we have consistently been able to keep our workers comp MOD low, which is attractive to GCs and owners.


Mark One Electric was recently honored by NECA for our outstanding safety record and processes. See Tony Privitera receiving the award.


"At Mark One, we approach safety in a consistent and systematic way."