As a business owner your primary area of business focus is not to ensure electrical excellence . . . your primary focus is on running a successful company.


Managing a business expansion, the relocation of offices or manufacturing plant, or improving the work environment so that it is safe and productive – these are decisions you may encounter in your career as a business owner. They are also areas that likely would require the services of Mark One.


You may think of Mark One first for specific electrical needs like installing new, larger service, or for running cabling for IT needs – which we or course do. But did you know that we can provide all of your low-voltage needs, such as security systems, fire alarms, and phone systems? Did you know we can act as your general contractor to build new or refit an existing building?


We can also provide construction pre-planning, which is especially helpful if your business has higher electrical demands than conventional office space.


Contact us so we can answer your questions and better acquaint you with our comprehensive services for business owners.

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