As a general contractor, you want competitive pricing coupled with the highest level of professionalism from your subcontractors. You want their on-site people to be sharp and knowledgeable. You know that your subcontractors can make you look good to your clients, are key to the project staying on schedule, and you want to develop a sense of trust. Based on our track record as a subcontractor, Mark One is all that and more.


Rosana Privitiera Biondo, company President, credits the company's success to its people. "Our field staff and our inside staff do a great job. Many of our key field people, our supervisors and foremen, have been with the company for over 20 years. That's practically unheard of in this industry.


She adds, “ We're proud of the people we have working for us. They are very well trained and they work hard. But the real asset," she says, "Is their ability to think.”


Examples of complex projects are the duct bank installations at the IRS, and the Freight House bridge relocation, and installing a highly sophisticsated, German-made press for the Kansas City Star newspaper. "Those are great examples of what I'm talking about," explains Biondo. "The project managers and field staff on both jobs did fantastic work. They planned everything out well in advance and had everything ready to before they ever walked on the job. All of those jobs ran on or ahead of schedule. Needless to say, our clients were thrilled with the outcome." 


If you want to be thrilled with your electrical contractor, call on us, and trust Mark One to do the job right.