The Institutional category includes education, churches, and community support organizations, all of which have a blend of classrooms, athletic, and general purpose lighting requirements.


Learning environments, by definition, require particular attention to task and reading lighting, and frequently require power for specialized needs such as school science labs,  computer labs, complete audio/visual systems, or pumps for the swimming pool. Athletics programs indoors and in the field setting have unique lighting needs that, besides being well and evenly lit, must also be durable in training and sports areas. Places of worship require illumination that helps create the environment for services and community activities. 


Safety and security systems, in addition to well-placed and controlled lighting, are paramount in institutional buildings.


Mark One Electric has vast experience in providing all facets of electrical needs for clients such as these:


  • St. Teresa's music and arts building
  • St. Mark's Child Development Center
  • Rockhurst High School gymnasium and weight room
  • Salvation Army adult education center
  • the Cleaver Family and Providence YMCA
  • Restart
  • Redemptorist Church
  • Pembroke Hill Centennial Hall
  • KCK schools